My mom won’t buy me a Michael Kors watch 💔

then get a boyfriend that will, I buy my girl that all the time.


My goal is to break 20 minutes before the year is over. Just want to put that out into the universe. Wish me luck guys.

Oh shit never mind you answered.

Lmao seeing this again made me laugh, lol why you ask tho ?

Today I ran 4 miles at about 8:30 min/mile, hopped on the bike for 30 minutes then killed 2 miles in 16:34 after that. Felt good. Feel alive.

what part of new York are you guys from?

We were planning on moving to New York when I made this blog and we had a house lined up, but the people that were supposed to be moving in with us bailed out at literally the last minute. I don’t think It would have been a good thing either to move up there seeing as we were still addicted to heroin and cost of living is so expensive. For now I stay in Charlotte, NC and don’t plan on leaving any time soon.